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All Day Vision Correction Without Glasses, Contacts or Surgery

So Easy You Do it With Your Eyes Closed.

“Freedom lenses are simply amazing….what a big change in my vision and so easy.”

FreedomLens is an innovative method that uses customized shaping lens to gently correct your vision while you sleep, so you can enjoy crisp, clear vision while you’re awake. It’s a safe, gentle option for both adults and children.  Most patients see clearly without glasses or contact lenses, all day long. Cusumano Vision will work with you and prescribe shaping lenses that are custom-fitted to the specific contour of your eyes.

At night, these shaping lenses gently reshape your cornea to correct your vision while you sleep. In the morning, you take your shaping lenses out and see clearly and crisply all day long!

FreedomLens is for athletes and others with active lifestyles, people with allergies or dry eyes,workers who sit in front of a computer all day, those who work in a smoky environment, people (such as firefighters) whose profession requires hassle-free visual freedom plus it is an excellent option for people who are not ready for, or who are not candidates for, LASIK surgery.

“Freedom lenses are your prescription for a new beginning.”

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